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Here are a few comments from people in the industry who understand what Direct Group Connections can do for them:

 Because of our location and our fine reputation developed over many years, we are recommended highly by the best hotels and resorts in the Scottsdale area. However, we would always like to increase our business!
Direct Group Connections provides us with the opportunity to reach Meeting Planners outside Arizona, for them to see our website and recognize us as a preferred restaurant, easily accessible to any of the major resorts and hotels in the Scottsdale area.


Bob Mancuso
Mancuso's, Scottsdale, Arizona

 It is really exceptional to finally witness some true "Hospitality Professionals" who have assisted more groups - and their visions - into reality than any other people I know! They are the driving force to assist both meeting planners and vendors by coordinating through the Internet. You folks are certainly not just another dot com venture by unassisted computer people.
There has been such a gap in money between what is charged to groups and true vendor costs. There had to be a more efficient way for meeting planners to purchase and vendors to price their services and goods. Looking forward to seeing the benefits of your group's networking and making our confusing business quite a bit easier. You deliver a "one-stop" solution to guests' needs. I have enjoyed working with you for the last 25 years in high quality group services.

Warmest regards,

Ken Nagel
Managing Owner Aunt Chiladas & Rustlers Rooste Restaurants, Phoenix, Arizona

 A terrific idea! I have worked with Keith, Jeff and Jon for years at various hotels and resorts. I will definitely take advantage of The Direct Group Connections preferred providers while saving my associations dollars.

Richard Cagan
NACPA, Phoenix, Arizona

This is truly innovative! I deal direct with only recommended providers. I save time and money through Direct Group Connections in most major cities. What a novel idea!

Stuart Taylor
National Association of Certified Public Accountants, New Orleans, Louisiana

This is great: no hassles, we deal direct so there are no mistakes like missed transportation or entertainment. This is a great connection and we will use it as planners and as providers.

Nagy Arafat
Vice President Food and Beverage Directors Association of Florida, Miami, Florida

(IMPORTANT) Let the Vendor/Supplier(s) know you found them through Direct Group Connections when making arrangements so you get the best price.

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